Seiler Instrument awarded 5 year M1A3 Gunner’s Quadrant contract

Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Company was awarded the multi-year contract for the M1A3 Gunner’s Quadrant (NSN: 1290-01-610-3964, P/N: 13042173) by DLA Land Warren in Warren, Michigan.

The procurement has a maximum potential contract value of over $1,000,000 for up to 1200 units over 5 years.

The M1A3 Gunner’s Quadrant is a portable precision leveling instrument used for laying artillery weapons in elevation, measuring their angles of elevation, and checking the elevation mechanisms of fire control equipment. The Gunner’s Quadrant is used with various rifles, guns, gun carriages, self-propelled guns, howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft gun mounts, cannons, tracked armored landing vehicles, and multiple rocket launchers.