Pearl Reilly Planetarium at Seiler Instrument

Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co., Inc. is honored to announce the Pearl Reilly Planetarium as their in-house planetarium facility at their Saint Louis headquarters. Renovations of the converted warehouse space were completed in time for the company holiday party, when President/CEO Rick Seiler announced the naming of the 30’ dome space in memorial honor of Pearl Reilly, one of the most beloved Seiler employees, and dear friend of planetarium staff around the globe.


Pearl served the company and planetarium community for many years, representing ZEISS planetarium technology for sales and service in the United States and Canada. Pearl embodied the very best of who Seiler is as a company. She was very well loved and respected in the planetarium community and had worked at Seiler for 29 years, retiring in 2001.


The Seiler family and the planetarium community felt a strong sense of loss when Pearl passed at the age of 83 on June 27, 2014. Sadly, her husband of 63 years, Earnest Reilly has also since passed, on March 1 of 2016. Pearl’s memory will continue to live on in the stories we tell, the photos we share, and the small honor of a private planetarium dedicated to a great woman who loved space and those who work in this field.


The Seiler Planetarium Division will continue to use the Pearl Reilly Planetarium and its reclaimed 30’ dome as a space for R&D and system testing. Minor renovations were required in order to make the space more functional and available for demonstration purposes. The primary projection system will be a 2-channel ZEISS powerdome VELVET display. The ZKP 3 instrument on site will, for now, continue to remain on display as part of Seiler’s “museum” consisting of an optical instrumentation collection, which features many survey instruments and microscopes.


The Pearl Reilly Planetarium is expected to serve as the site for the mini LIPS (Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium) event which we will host adjacent to the Pleiades National Planetarium Conference to be hosted at the Saint Louis Science Center’s James S. McDonnell Planetarium in October of 2017. More announcements about these events will be made throughout 2017.


For questions or comments about Pearl Reilly or this announcement, please contact Chuck Rau, Planetarium Sales Director at [email protected] or 314-218-6393.