Services and Capabilities

Seiler Instrument offers a full spectrum of services and capabilities including precision machining, assembly, quality control testing, and refurbishment.

With our in-house machine shop and assembly department, Seiler can machine a few parts or manufacture complete assemblies and subassemblies to exact customer specifications. With our in-house testing facility, our Quality Control team inspects, tests, and certifies all products in accordance with customer requirements and specifications. The QC team is also responsible for the appropriate MIL-SPEC testing: shock, vibration, environmental, etc. All machining, assembly, and testing services are completed at our headquarters in St. Louis, MO. Seiler offers these same machining, assembly, and testing capabilities as a contract service. Contact us for more information!

In addition, Seiler specializes in the inspection, repair, overhaul, and refurbishment of the optical fire control systems used on all existing United States howitzer systems as well as many howitzer systems formerly used by the United States.

Seiler Instrument is actively looking for new markets and applications for our advanced manufacturing capabilities.

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