M115 Panoramic Telescope

M115 Panoramic Telescope: Details

m115 panoramic telescope

NSN: 1240-00-895-9186
P/N: 8587340

General Description

The M115 Panoramic Telescope is used with the M137 Telescope Mount for indirect fire. It is a 4-power, fixed-focus telescope, with a 10 degree field of view. The telescope has an azimuth mil counter mechanism in place of azimuth scales. The counter registers azimuth travel in quarter-mil units. The horizontal eyepiece segment of the elbow assembly is extended so that a soldier is able to sight without interference from the counter assembly. The reticle is illuminated by light entering a red glass window or by a reticle lamp.

The M115 Panoramic Telescope is used on the M107 and M110 Howitzer.

Additional Information

Length: 9 ½ in
Width: 8 ¼ in
Height: 11 in
Weight: 8 lbs
Magnification: 4x
Field of view: 10º
Azimuth: 6,400 mils
Elevation: +/- 300 mils
Incremental reading (counters): ¼ mil

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