M1A2 Infinity Aiming Collimator (Collimator, Infinity Aiming Reference)

M1A2 Collimator (Collimator, Infinity Aiming Reference): Details

NSN: 1240-01-465-5452M1A2 Infinity Aiming Collimator
P/N: 12984644

General Description

The M1A2 Infinity Aiming Collimator is an optical instrument used for establishing an optical reference from which weapon deflection angles can be measured for indirect fire. It has an illuminated mil scale reticle which functions as an optical projection system that simulates a grid board type of infinity aiming target reference.

The M1A2, which is illuminated by a battery powered LED, replaced the M1A1 Infinity Aiming Collimator, which is illuminated by radioluminous tritium (3H) lamps.


The M1A2 Infinity Aiming Collimator is used with the M777 (155mm), M198 (155mm), M119 (105mm), M109 (155mm), and many howitzers no longer used by the United States but still in use by foreign militaries.

Additional Information

Dimensions: ~31 in x 13 in
Weight: 32 lbs

Key Components

The M1A2 Infinity Aiming Collimator comes with a cover/case.



M1A2 Cover/Case


1240 01-464-3144

Collimator Scope Assembly



Battery Enclosure (ERLS/non tritium Light Kit)  12984660  1240-01-464-1950
Mount Tripod Assembly 10556234  1240-01-091-5774