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ERLS is the Elimination of Radioactive Light Sources. The ERLS Project replaces Tritium light sources with ultra-low power light emitting diode (LED) technology.

 A non-nuclear alternative, ERLS offers many benefits. These include:

  • Improved Safety
    • The threat of radiation to the soldier is eliminated
    • The threat of radiation to the civilian is eliminated
  • Enhanced Maintenance & Support
    • Repair is accomplished through the replacement of modules
  • Reduced Logistics
    • The elimination of short-life light sources lessens the logistics burden
  • Decreased Government Expenditure
    • Projected cost savings for the U.S. Army have been estimated to be $71,000,000 over ten years
  • NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
    • Elimination of NRC surveillance, inspections and reporting requirements

ERLS Conversion Kits are available for:

  • M198 Howitzer
    • M137 Panoramic Telescope
    • M138 Elbow Telescope
    • M171 Mount
    • M17/M18 Quadrant
  • M119A1 Howitzer
    • M90 Straight Telescope
    • M187 Mount
    • M137 Panoramic Telescope
  • M102 Howitzer
    • M113 Panoramic Telescope
    • M114 Elbow Telescope
    • M134 Mount
    • M14 Quadrant
  • Off Carriage
    • M139/M140 Alignment Device
    • M1/M1A1 Collimators
  • M1 Tank
    • MRS Muzzle Reference System
  • Mortar Systems
    • M58/M59 Aiming Post Lights
    • M64/M67 Sight Unit
    • M224 Mortar Handle
  • New Support Item
    • M14 Aiming Post Light

Kits to convert tritium to LED illumination are available from Seiler Instrument.   Seiler can also perform the installation of these kits.